Ramen anyone? Anyone?

Eek!  I’m teaching my first cooking class in two days.  I’m very excited about it but I’m getting nervous too.  I have such a flight mentality, as in fight or flight.  If there is something I don’t like or scares me, I’m so tempted to run away.  I know this class will be great.  It’s on one of my favorite topics – ramen!  It should be very do-able, but since I’m scared a little bit, I’ve been sitting here aggressively procrastinating writing up the recipes for the recipe packet that I need to hand out to the class.

Yes I know that my procrastinating is only hurting me.  The class will happen whether I’m rushing at the last minute or if I plan ahead.  And I will be so much happier and more relaxed if I get to work writing it all up.  So instead of doing what I logically know to be a the right thing to do, I’m sitting here typing up a blog post.  What a knucklehead!

Here’s a preview from some of the recipe testing I did over the weekend.  Not quite a Cup o’Noodles is it? 2

If I ever get around to writing the recipes for class (I will get around to it – my job depends on it), I’ll probably come back and post them here.  You should have the advantage of the recipes too, right?