Things you want to know about me:

I’m a trained chef and yet I’m still a pinterest pinning maniac for recipes of all kinds.  Ehh, I call it “research.”

My sanity relies on me being active.  Sometimes running is my favorite.  Sometimes it’s hiking.  Recently, I got into biking while training for my first triathlon.  I’m up for almost anything, as long as I’m not on a team.

I love my two dogs.  I treat them like they’re humans and my closest friends.  I talk to them.  It makes most people want to puke.  But seriously, they’re that cute.


I secretly like to craft.  I have absolutely no skill and most of my stuff would be cheaper just to buy already made.  Still, the making is the fun part.

I am a klutz.  On the first trip my husband and I took, I fell out of a house.  I fall both down and up stairs.  I once took a person with me down an entire flight of stairs.  I’m not proud.  There will definitely be injuries reported in this blog and they will definitely be self-inflicted.

This blog is a chance for me to share my training, my newest recipes, my projects and any other random thought that might pop into my head when I feel like writing a post.  Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey! I stumbled upon your blog through wordpress and I love the way you write – you have a new fan 🙂 I especially like that fact you talk to you two dogs like humans – I do the same with my two cats! Good luck on the Wole30, I have heard its pretty tough, but worth it!

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