Whole 30, Day 8

Today I am reminded that I really need to get out my “fancy” camera.  Taking this many pictures with my iphone just isn’t cutting it.  It really isn’t doing the beautiful food that I’m eating any justice.  So that’s my July resolution.  In the meantime, here’s what I ate.

Last night for dinner. dinner day 8

Those are sausage stuffed portobellos topped with tomato sauce (ok, really just a can of whole tomatoes, drained and then squished between my fingers) and broccoli tossed in (grass-fed) butter, garlic and aleppo pepper.  It was a simple meal and it made me happy.

Oh I would recommend making your own sausage.  I always have ground pork in my freezer because it’s a great go-to meat.  Then I just spice it up with whatever is jumping out at me from the spice drawer.  Last night it was salt, cayenne, ground chipotle, garlic powder, onion powder, blackened seasoning, oregano, basil, a little cinnamon and a little clove.  Sort of a strange mix but surprisingly it worked.  I also mixed in some sweated onions and celery.

Today’s breakfast and lunch look familiar, don’t they?  breakfast/lunch day 9 Yes, that is just a variation on the same breakfast I always eat.  And lunch is one more stuffed portobello and blanched broccoli leftover from last night.  I’m very happy to be eating the leftovers.  Usually I’m totally not interested in leftovers and I end up letting them rot in my fridge and then I feel guilty for being so wasteful.  I’m trying to cut back on this stupid cycle by making only enough food for that night + lunch the next day.  Sometimes I’m more successful than others.

Side note, I’m getting a little obsessed with my fitbit.  On Sunday I did over 20,000 steps.  Yesterday, I only did 6,000 (it was a rest day and I was shackled to a desk while in training all day).  I’ve also been really enjoying tracking my sleep.  I’m actually a better sleeper than I thought, but that may be due to my current paleo ways.  I know I sleep a heck of a lot worse when I’m eating sugar and bread.  I guess now I can figure out just how much worse.


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