Whole30, Day 5, 6 & 7

Weekends are tough.  Ok, that is completely false.  This weekend was awesome but that’s why it was tough… tough for blogging because I managed to forget to take pictures of my food about half the time.  I’m not even sorry.

On Friday night, I went to the box.  They were doing a benchmark workout as the completion of their first 3 month cycle.  The benchmark was Crossfit Football (CFFB).  You get three attempts (per movement) to find your 1 RM of Power Clean, Back Squat, Bench and Deadlift.  I managed to PR all four movements.  Considering my spotty exercising in June, I have no idea how that is possible.  My total score was 700#.  That was good enough to make my box’s leaderboard at #3!!  I had barely even looked at the leaderboard because there are some hardcore crossfitters at this new box.  I figured it’d be tough to crack into.  I also was #3 in my deadlift – 265#.  Woohoo!

I was riding on a cloud when I left.  I then raced home and made myself this beauty.  That’s three overeasy eggs, seaweed salad, fried shiitakes and pureed kimchi – my new favorite condiment. dinner day 5

I wanted to eat before I met up with some friends at Honey Pig, so that I wouldn’t be tempted to overeat.  Honey Pig is this frenetic chain of Korean BBQ joints.  It’s nuts and usually pretty good but everything (almost) is covered in spicy sweet sauces.  I thought by eating before, I would be able to pass on getting myself some meat.  I was wrong.  I managed to order the pork belly (luckily without sauce) and eat my weight in belly and kimchi.  What was I thinking?

Saturday morning started with an experiment.  I had been soaking hazelnuts in water overnight.  In the morning, I blended them with fresh water and strained them using my new nut milk bag to make hazelnut milk.  Good news – it worked like a charm and was delicious.  Bad news – I think I have a mild allergy to hazelnuts, so my next experiment will be with almonds.  Lesson learned.  hazelnut milkI had lots of meal leftover, so I used to attempt paleo tortillas again.  Umm delicious with hazelnut meal.  I ate most of them right out of the pan.  Here is the best thing I did all weekend.  Mmmm almond butter.  Mmmm apples. snack day 6

Lunch was a near repeat of Friday’s first dinner, sans shiitakes.    I honestly have no complaints.  I think I could eat this every day.  lunch day 6

Here two other “meals” or snacks that I made myself, I think on Sunday.  lunch  day 7 snack day 7 And then…. nothing.  I completely forgot to take any other pictures.  Saturday night, we met up with a friend and I ate a very bland, very boring meal of smoked turkey, green beans and some of the saddest brussel sprouts I’d seen in awhile.  Good thing there was good company.  Sunday night we went out with my dad for a belated birthday celebration.  That meal was slightly better with a app of guacamole and plantain chips, main meal of lamb kafta and then a complete fail on dessert of berries.  With the lamb, I accidentally ate some feta and then decided I was just going to go for the dairy.  I mean it was maybe 1 ounce of feta and a couple of bites of tzatziki.  I’ll deduct the point for dairy for the day, and not worry a bit about it.  Now for the fail of a dessert.  It’s completely my fault.  I ordered the fresh berries without the whipped cream, never even thinking that they would put honey on it.  Oh well.  I took them home and Rob will eat them.  It was just an (un)pleasant reminder that Standard American Diet (SAD) is just so different from paleo.  It makes it very difficult to eat out.

This was breakfast this morning:

breakfast day 8And if all goes according to plan, this will be lunch. lunch day 8



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