Whole30 begins again

Quick post to tell you about my food from day one.  I didn’t take a picture of my breakfast.  I had a hardboiled egg, a sliced apple and some cherries.  Not the most exciting breakfast but it worked.  Oh and green tea.  I switched back to green tea for now.  I really love coffee but only if it has milk in it, so until I can make a batch of almond milk, I’ll be drinking green tea.  I ordered a nut bag yesterday, so it should arrive by Wednesday and then I’ll probably switch back to coffee.  I like green tea, but I loooove coffee.

For lunch, I brought a clean-out-the-fridge salad.  Looks yummy right?  I also sliced up a chorizo sausage.  I have found that there are a couple of decent sausages at the grocery store that don’t have any funky additives.  I use these when there are no leftover proteins for lunch.  Makes my life a little easier. lunch day 1

I was really excited about dinner.  I made an artichoke lemon pesto.  I spread it over some seasoned cod and baked it until the cod was cooked through.  dinner day 1 Since we are plunging into summer, I had some great heirloom tomatoes that I sliced up seasoned with EVOO we brought back from Italy, reduced balsamic, basil, tarragon, maldon salt and cracked pepper.  It’s a classic but so freaking amazing when it’s done right.  I tend to gorge on tomatoes when they are in season so that by September/October I’m so sick of them that I’m not interested in the out of season tomatoes that start showing back up.  And that  mug of tea-like stuff is some homemade veg stock that I added grassfed gelatin to.  We have a lot of homemade stock in our freezer (I have a hoarding problem) and with it getting hotter, I’m looking for new ways to use it.  I thought adding the gelatin was inspired.  When it’s hot, you don’t even notice it, but everyone needs that collagen.  Verdict: not bad, not great.

Breakfast this morning was a favorite and pretty quick to put together because of some of my advance planning.  I had egg salad – 2 HB eggs, homemade aioli and some Fines Herbes from Penzeys – baby arugula and some grape tomatoes.  breakfast day 2 My officemates have me on this cleanse drink kick.  That’s what you see in the not-so-attractive water bottle.  It’s water, the juice of two lemons and a big pinch of cayenne.  When I’m at home, I do one lemon and one capful of unfiltered cider vinegar and the cayenne.  The taste takes a little getting used to but I really feel like it flushes me out.  There’s some thing about it pushing out toxins.  I don’t know if it’s true but as someone that drinks a ton of water, this is a nice change.  Also, I started reading my new book.  What a nerd.  Yes, I read cookbooks.  And yes, a whole book about eggs gets me excited.

In other news, Hudson got his first summertime haircut this past weekend.  His fur was insanely matted so they had to pretty much shave him down.  He went from this: hudson before

To this:  hudson after

I didn’t even recognize him when they brought him out.  We just realized he’s (maybe) too skinny underneath all that fur so we’re trying to fatten him up a little.  Lucky guy! hudson smiles


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