Random Thoughts

It’s been way too long since I’ve posted anything.  There have been some exciting changes at work which have been keeping me busier than usual.  (Is it weird that I do most of my posting from work?  When I get home, I don’t really feel like sitting in front of a computer… but that may need to change.)

So I have been anticipating this coming weekend for quite awhile.  Why?  Well, maybe three months ago, Rob and I decided to finally book that vacation we had been talking about for two years and we leave on Monday(!!).  Really, we had been talking about it since our honeymoon.  I kept telling Rob we needed to go to Europe before we had kids.  I studied abroad for a year when I was in college and it was life changing.  Not that I think a one week vacation can have the same kind of impact but I really want to share this type of experience with Rob.  I have a serious case of wanderlust and I have a husband that isn’t interested in going further away than Ocean City.  For some reason, I think it is my duty to change him.  Yikes that sounds terrible.  But it’s sort of true.  I think anxiety about the unknown is one of the reasons he doesn’t like to travel and I’m pretty sure that’s an easy hurdle to get over, especially if I’m his guide.  But I digress…

When we booked our vacation several months ago (Rome, in case you were wondering – I call it a gateway country because honestly who wouldn’t fall in love with Rome?), I had to work around the slightly crazed schedule we have at work.  Once public schools get out, we begin week long summer cooking camps and my normally fairly quiet office turns into a zoo with all hands on deck.  So if I want to vacation in the summer it is has to be done in the short window between Memorial Day and the end of school.  Unfortunately, I had just signed up for a triathlon on June 1… which means our vacation begins on June 2.  Yikes, let’s hope I’m not sore on the plane.  This weekend is going to be a mess.  Packing, last minute shopping, getting ready for the triathlon, getting the dogs ready to be boarded for 10 days.  Oh and did I mention that tonight is the last workout at my box before it closes*?  Yes indeedy.  I’m going have to to hold myself back from going 100% in the last WOD so I’m not overly tired for the tri in 2 days.  Yikes!  I’m jam-packed!

*More on the box closing when I get back.  I found a replacement box already but everything is sort of up in the air.

So here is a random collection of things I wanted to tell you about:

1. We have been going to the dog park every weekend lately.  It’s ah-may-zing!  Dingo especially loves it.  She really immerses herself in the “pack”.  Hudson on the other hand, either follows Dingo around (total little brother syndrome) or can be found behind our feet.  Here is Dingo, completely exhausted, sunning herself after she chased every dog that would let her:

Dingo at the dog parkAnd here’s the smallest dog I have seen yet at the park.  Both Dingo and Hudson kept bopping her on the head and looking at her like “what are you?”dog park chiuaua

2. I just tried this chocolate bar and it is so much fun.  Wow!  It’s total novelty, not my everyday chocolate bar, but it was such a nice change of pace.  It literally explodes pop rocks in your mouth, but then the salt and chipotle flavors are also really interesting.  I’ve had a few other bars by this company and they are all really good, but this one is my favorite.firecracker chocolate

3. I just received these in the mail – I love getting surprises in the mail – from a kickstarter that I funded (is that even the right terminology?).  They are trying to reinvent ketchup.  I can’t wait to try them all!  History lesson: ketchup was originally made with almost every fruit besides tomatoes.  I think it’s time to bring that tradition back.photo 4

4. When I was talking about my “everyday” chocolate bar and complaining about some other silly problems, a coworker drew me this picture.  Good reminder of perspective.  I have only first world problems.  first world problems bucket

4. This quote was on my Facebook feed the other day and it really got me thinking.  I had to save it.  Do I want a “normal” life?  What is it I’m really working for?  How can I have a purpose-driven life?  Thoughts to ponder…

"normal"Have a great couple of weeks and I’ll be back in mid-June!  Happy Summer!



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