Food Pen Pal March 2014

Ahh here we are on the last day of March and it is truly the first nice day we’ve had in awhile.  If there is any truth to the old “March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb” then she sure took her sweet time getting to the lamb stage.  It literally snowed yesterday.

Luckily, right in the middle of the month, I received my Foodie Pen Pal package from Traci over at I’m Hungry.  Just as a reminder, this was what the weather looked like on the day my box arrived: photo 3

I was so happy to see a box of treats on my doorstep after I shoveled our sidewalks.  And Traci did not disappoint!

I had told her I eat about 80% paleo and she did a really awesome job of finding some paleo/some non-paleo treats to try.  And so much of it was local Ohio food, which I think is the best thing about the Foodie Pen Pal gig – I love trying other people’s local goodies.  Foodie Pen Pal March 2014

Yes the beg of granola is open because I started eating it before remembering that I needed to take a picture.  Oops.  But it was so good, so I don’t even feel bad.  Nomnomnom.  And paleo!!  I wouldn’t have known if Traci hadn’t told me.  It has been making an appearance in my #1 go-to breakfast.  breakfast - berries, granola and yogurt

She also sent these delicious potato chips that had all my favorite buzzwords on them – no gmo, organic, locally sourced, gluten free, etc.  They were a thick chip, which may not be for everyone, but I loved it.  We had them with dinner one night when we made burgers but luckily I saved a few… you’ll see why in a second.

There was this chocolate covered maple egg.  I looked at it a little puzzled for a few days before chomping down.  My first reaction was it was a little too sweet for my taste, but then *lightbulb*  I still had some chips leftover, so I used those hearty salty snacks to scoop out the filling and viola!  Delicious!!  I probably could have eaten 5 more that way, so I’m super glad I was out of the chips and out of maple chocolate eggs. chocolate maple egg and potato chip

I haven’t tried the coffee, but let’s be honest, how could it be bad?  It’s buckeye blend flavor, which Traci tells me is mix of peanut butter and chocolate.  I see absolutely no room for this being anything less than divine.  I’m saving it for one of those Sunday mornings where we sit around and lazily drink coffee all morning.

So, Foodie Pen Pals is once again a resounding success.  Thanks Traci!

If you want to find out more about the Foodie Pen Pal program, click here.

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One thought on “Food Pen Pal March 2014

  1. I’m so glad you liked the box. I’ve been super busy while on vacation so I hadn’t had time to check out your blog post.

    Yuck on the snow.


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