Whole30 Day 3 & 4

At first I was going to come in here and rant about how this isn’t going well, it isn’t working, it’s too hard, I feel like crap, blah, blah, blah and then I realized that is exactly what everyone says about the plan in the beginning and the secret is recognize all that and then grow from it (how hippy-dippy did that sound?).  So yes, the first two days were all sunshine and butterflies, but now I think I’m getting into the work of it.  And I’m a little sick of eggs.

Day 3

The day did not start off great.  I decided to sleep in instead of run.  I just could not drag myself out of bed.  I was going to force it and then I decided, no, I’m going to listen to my body and my body is saying it needs sleep.  Whenever I sleep in, I feel fairly guilty and it throws off my morning routine.  But sometimes it’s worth it for a few extra hours of shut-eye.

Breakfast was another egg scramble with leeks, roasted pork, spinach and some of the new Sunny Paris I bought on my spice excursion on Monday.  It was ehh.  It actually probably was good, but as my third morning of eggs in a row, I was just not that into it.  I’ll try it again after I give myself an egg break for a little while.

photo 3

I did manage to do some meal planning for the day so I actually brought a full lunch – salad, avocado, roasted pork and leftover mango and avocado salsa.  I have pretty much given up on the staff lunches at work.  While they are good about 50% of time, I can’t plan for it being something I can eat and I can’t go hungry.  So I’ll be bringing my lunch for the next 30, ahem, 27 days.

If you're wondering, no I did not eat all of this.  But most of it.  Doesn't it look delicious?

If you’re wondering, no I did not eat all of this. But most of it. Doesn’t it look delicious?

I had a work thing -cocktails, canapés, etc. – after work, so I also planned a large “snack” for before I went so that I wouldn’t be tempted.  I had a hardboiled egg, cut up veggies and this fake-out hummus that I made the night before, loosely based on this recipe.  What can I say, I’m not that good at following directions.   (Side bar: My version was ok-ish, but I think the idea of using cauliflower was actually great.  I’ll be trying it again with better other ingredients.)  I ate them in my car, which sounds terrible, but it actually forced me to only pay attention to my food and not a million other distractions.  And I wasn’t diving.  I was just sitting like a dork in my car on the top floor of the park garage chowing on some HB eggs.  Can we say loser?

And it worked!  So here I should probably give myself a pat on the back because my snack made it possible to easily pass up both the wine (mmm, wine) and the cute little party foods that were calling my name.  And I never say no to party foods.  Well, I did and it was not that unbearable.  Of course, I got home and was hungry so I ate a drumstick that Rob had grilled.  If someone had offered me a cookie at that moment, I can’t be sure that I wouldn’t have taken it.  Luckily, Rob was not that interested in offering me cookies so I was safe.

So I did have one setback last night.  I decided to more closely read the labels on the herbal tea I had been drinking to get me past my late night munchies and harrumph!  They have stevia in the them.  WTF?  Luckily, I only drank it the first two nights, so I’m not going to count it against me, but dang.  You have to read every single label, even when you think you can trust it.  Lesson learned.

My sleep last night left a lot to be desired.  I know sleep is not the biggest thing here, but I’m an overachiever and I’m trying to perfect every little detail to make this successful.  Our nightly routine is pretty straightforward.  We start the night with Dingo on the floor and Hudson in his crate.  Usually around 12:30-1:30 Dingo gets lonely and ninjas her way up onto the bed to snuggle with me.  If I’m asleep when she does this, I don’t mind.  If for some reason, I haven’t yet fallen asleep, I find it to be almost impossible for me to then fall asleep.  So last night Dingo started off trying to sleep with me.  I just wasn’t having it.  I’m not going to tell you what finally got her off the bed (it may involve someone tucking her in to her bed on the floor and lying with her until she fell asleep) but she started the night on the floor.  I’m not sure when she came up but she was definitely there when all hell broke loose.  Around 12:30 Hudson started whining incessantly.  Rob took him out to pee.  They came back and Hudson continued to whine for another half an hour.  I finally took him out and he did a number 2. And then he complained some more.  He just got fixed on Tuesday so I think he’s in pain and his meds are wearing off in the night.  Needless to say, he ended up in the bed too.  Sleeping on my face.  It was not the most restful night.

Hudson with his cone of shame.

Hudson with his cone of shame.

Day 4

Even after that, I did manage to drag myself out of bed for a treadmill run.  Too bad my legs felt like lead weights.  I stopped after 2 miles.  Ugh.  And then I went back to sleep.  I guess this is that carb-flu they talk about.  I just have no energy.  I hope it swings back around soon because this just stinks.

Before the run, I ate a HB egg and after I had about 3 carrot sticks with my cauliflower dip.  I couldn’t choke down any more than that.  I guess I need to work on my pre- and post-workout fueling.

I made myself another veggie scramble this morning.  It was so-so.  I couldn’t even bear to take a picture of it because it looked just like every other day’s breakfast.

For lunch I decided not to have a salad.  I packed more veggie sticks and the rest of that dip and two leftover drumsticks, which I ate cold.  I need to work on my leftovers so that I can have nice lunches.  Especially my veggie leftovers so I don’t have to eat salad every. damn. day.

Tonight for dinner, I have ground beef that needs to be eaten.  I was going to make meatballs, but didn’t get to it this morning, so I don’t know what the meal will bring.  We have a lot of miscellaneous vegetables around so it may just be a random kind of night.  If anything miraculous happens, I’ll be sure to let you know!

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